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    IT Support Services can deliver package deals for businesses
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    With IT Support Services, we can offer you flexible cloud services that are tailored to your individual needs.
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    To protect your business from the dangers of unexpected server crashes, protect your data with our secure backup solutions.
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Adelaide IT Support Services

You’ll have access to a range of highly qualified and experienced IT professionals with the expertise to take on and deliver your IT related queries, issues or requirements.

Managed IT Services

IT Support Services provides highly qualified and experienced IT professionals who are available at any time, day or night, to help you with your IT consulting and support service needs. From managed IT services and upgrades to workstation set ups, cloud services, IT security, backup services and web services, we have the expertise to take on your IT related queries, issues or requirements and deliver real solutions that are tailored to you. Whatever you need, we can find a solution that is the perfect fit for your business without costing you the earth.

Cloud Services

Keeping your data and programs in a secure, offsite location that you can access over the internet negates the need for a dedicated hard drive on site. Cloud storage, or online storage, allows you to access your data anywhere and at any time, so long as you have an internet connection. Cloud computing is a more flexible and affordable option than traditional IT services and with cloud backup and disaster recovery also provided by our cloud services, we can save you time and resources by tailoring a flexible cloud service to your needs.


Many businesses hold off on upgrading their systems long after they are due because they are concerned about the potential cost of the new infrastructure. This decision could end up costing them more money as not only are older systems and hardware slower, causing your business’ output to drop, they're also more vulnerable to threats such as viruses and network scans.

Whether you need to upgrade the operating systems of individual servers or if you’re looking to overhaul your entire IT infrastructure, Cameron Technologies can provide a streamlined service that will enable you to transition from old to new systems, with little to no disturbance to your business.  We can identify the problem with your existing system and help you to upgrade to the most appropriate machine and operating system for your business, agreeing on a budget that suits you and your needs. 

Security and Backups

From personal data protection through to enterprise data protection, we can help protect your business from server crashes, fire, flooding, theft, human error and more with our security and backup services. Unexpected system failures can cause downtime and data loss for you business, which could cost you dearly. We can help with disaster recovery, business continuity and internet security.


IT Support Services can deliver package deals for businesses that will ensure your employee’s workstations promote optimum productivity, no matter what size your business is. Pre-designed packages that will see your workstation installed, your data transferred and your system set up are available or if you prefer, we can tailor your own package to suit your unique needs.

Web Services

From registering a domain name and hosting and building your web site to secure SSL certificates, spam-free email, E-commerce solutions and web marketing, we offer a complete and flexible service when it comes to getting your business online.

IT Support for SME

Everything a business needs in an affordable cost

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