Amazon Web Services - Cloud Computing With AWS
Amazon Web Services - Cloud Computing With AWS

Amazon have come a long way from their initial business of selling books and journals. They have well and truly jumped on the technology bandwagon and their high performance Amazon Web Service (AWS) has made big waves in the world of cloud computing and is well worth a closer look.

So what exactly is Amazon Web Services? In essence, they provide a range of remote web services, which include cloud storage, data back-up and recovery, collectively making up a cloud computing platform. They enable large computing capacity by offering up their own virtual servers at a vastly reduced cost and they have built up an impressive reputation for reliability and security, which has even caught the eye of the CIA who invested a small fortune on the AWS.

Now you don’t have to be a world renowned government agency to reap the benefits of the AWS.
In order to compete in today’s highly competitive and technologically driven environment, businesses need a reliable and cost-effective virtual IT infrastructure and whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, your business will massively benefit from the range of Amazon Web Services.

AWS addresses the concerns of storage, data back-up and having a robust disaster recovery plan available, in a scalable and tailored way. Your overall IT costs can be greatly reduced and you’ll have access to a world-class platform.

With a choice of services including Amazon Cloud, Amazon cloud services or AWS, it is worthwhile taking the time out to speak to an experienced IT Support Professional who can offer you their expertise in choosing the correct Amazon Web Services, in a fully managed way, so you can save money and time and really secure the continuity and future growth of your business.