Disaster recovery with Cloud storage and backups
Disaster recovery with Cloud storage

Many businesses today have wisely invested in cloud storage solutions, but have neglected to consider the benefits of cloud back-up and disaster recovery services that are offered alongside it. Whether you feel that it’s too expensive and an unnecessary luxury for the majority of your applications, it only takes one unfortunate incident and you could see your business crumble before your eyes.

It’s not called “disaster” recovery for nothing! Just like life insurance, health insurance and car insurance, disaster recovery is there to protect your critical information and technology infrastructure and maintain business productivity.

At its basic level, high quality, data back-up services ensures your business critical data is completely backed-up off-site, eliminating the fear of any regional issues or other potential risks that could cause loss of data. If disaster does strike, the disaster recovery service gets into and runs the recovery procedure to reduce business downtime, get your business up and running again and limit financial loss.

While some large businesses may well have some form of data back-up system in place, using a managed disaster recovery service is much more reliable and cost-effective solution. Many smaller businesses fear that the cost and complexity is too much and decide to opt out. They instead back-up to a tape and often fail to build in a suitable recovery plan and strategy, which ultimately could end up costing more than just money!

From as little as $50 per month, the option of cloud back-up and disaster recovery really is an investment well made. The experience, specialised expertise and dedicated support offered by a disaster recovery service can safeguard your business, mitigate risk and offer you the security and capability you will need to maintain the success of your business.