Cloud hosting and website web hosting
Cloud hosting and website webhosting

Oh to be a cloud, floating in the blue. However, far from being the soft, fluffy white things we imagine them to be, they’re actually the keepers of all your vital business documentation, special photos, memorable videos and all that other stuff that we dare not get rid of!

Long gone are the days of the floppy disc and with hard drives being pushed to the limit; cloud storage is the trend that’s fast taking over thanks to its security, reliability and speed.

So what exactly is it and how can it help you and your business?

Basically, the cloud is an off-site web storage space that allows you to save your data remotely and managed by a third party. All you need is an internet connection and you can access your data from anywhere; whether you’re working remotely or on a business trip abroad. You could even provide access to your data with others, so all members of your team can work collaboratively on a project without needing to be in the same space!

Some provides take this one step further by offering web hosting and cloud hosting services that offers businesses reliable space and scalable hosting solutions without the need for costly hardware investment.

The cost-saving benefits speak for themselves in terms of lower IT maintenance and eliminating the need for expensive servers. It’s easy to use with a simple desktop file that lets you drop and access your files in the click of a button and it’s incredibly convenient.

The costs associated with cloud storage vary from $5 per month for 5GB of space, to $299 per month for larger businesses who require unlimited storage with additional disaster recovery and back-up services, file sharing capability and apps.

Cloud storage and hosting offers convenience, flexibility and speed, with reliability, security and support. So clouds really do have a silver lining… who knew?